Pea Soup Andersen’s in Buellton.

Veal parmesan, pea soup (of course), brat sandwich, and dessert!

Dinner at Sumo is always a good time.

The best party this Super Bowl Sunday.

Always a good time at Sidecar.

Artisan plate - grilled seasonal fruit, shaved prosciutto, humbolt fog, smoked sausage 

Soup of the day - butternut squash, balsamic vinegar

Roast duck, duck salad, red bean quinoa

I’ve been slacking off on my posts! This is from August, my birthday dinner at Luna Red.

1. crab cakes, 2. red pepper stuffed with goat cheese, 3. meatballs (beef, pork, chicken), 4. shrimp adobo, 5. lamb kebabs, 6. s’mores, 7. cream puffs

Royal tea at the Tea Cozy in Cambria.

Another amazing dinner at Cass House

- Tuile: sea salt, cocoa nib
- “fish n chips” … - cayucos abalone, fennel, tartar, squid ink crust
- Market crudite… whipped house ricotta, garden greens
- Binchotan grilled trout… succotash, lemon pepper, persillade
- chicken souvee, polenta, mushrooms
- 30 day aged sirloin
- flourless cornbread, basil infused whipped cream, strawberries, sweet corn ice cream
- Goat’s milk cheese… alcea rosea dairy “templeton gap”, fennel, gingerbread, honey
- Tcho chocolate… flourless layer cake, gold flake

Late Saturday lunch at Artisan’s new location :)

goat salami, fennel seed sausage, marjoram, pepperoncini pizza

crispy shrimp, flatbread, lime aïoli, cider vinegar “repollo” sandwich

summer squash, marinara 

peach crisp, brioche custard, sweet corn ice cream

We’re in the midst of a heat wave… All I want to eat is sushi and ice cream.

Mac n cheese, frito pie, and fried chicken :)